Getmecraft Black Obsidian Roller And Gua Sha Set

Similar to our body our Face Also stores excess water and becomes sluggish when reacting to stress, our face too absorbs a lot of tension making it stiff, and most importantly affecting the skins health, causing wrinkles and puffiness. Your skin deserves a break and facial massaging can help provide significant improvements. Here is a combo from Getmecraft that will help you relax your face.

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This combo includes:

  • Getmecraft Black Obsidian Facial Roller and Massage (1pc): Getmecraft Natural Black Obsidian Face Roller Massager is a beauty and wellness tool designed to gently massage your face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage beneath the skin layers, increase micro-circulation and reduce puffiness. It gives a cool and relaxing effect and it is the stone of universal love, It helps promote self-love and gives you healthy glowing skin.
  • Getmecraft Black Obsidian Mushroom Gua Sha Tool (1pc): Reduce dark under eyes puffiness, enhance skin and promote good health through the all natural Getmecraft Black Obsidian Mushroom Gua Sha Tool without any chemicals or irritants. Also, it promotes blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. After using for a couple of days, your face will be less puffy, feel less tense, look more tightly and facelift.


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